Friday, June 19, 2015

"Design a Coordinate Based on your Favorite Meal"

Image via Week of Menus.

Hey everyone! I recently was accepted to join the Lolita Blog Carnival, a group for bloggers about lolita fashion. Each week, a new topic is chosen for the members to post, and this week's was to design a coordinate based on your favorite meal!

My favorite meal has been the same for years - orzo salad. It's a pasta dish that I've always loved, ever since the first time my mother made it for me when I was quite young. The flavors work so well together to create a savory dish that's easy to make and extremely enjoyable!

I knew immediately that it would be hard to create an outfit based off this meal since the colors might look obscure together in an outfit. I decided to use clothes from my own wardrobe for this challenge.

Here is what I came up with!

JSK: Handmade by my sister!
Tights: Triple Fortune (borrowed from my sister, haha)
Shoes, blouse, hat: Offbrand

I used a dress that my talented sister made for me, in a beige/ivory color to represent the pasta, red tie, shoes, and roses to represent the tomatoes and cranberries, and a green blouse along with tights accented with green to represent the arugula, basil, and scallions. I added a gold bag and belt to represent the finishing touch of the dish: pine nuts!

Here's the recipe if anyone's interested!

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